Add Some Spice to your Life

Satisfy your palate with real flavor!


When our palate starts craving some interesting flavor all too often we take the easy way out and give it sugar. We all know sugar tastes really nice but so can spice!


If you’ve gotten in a meal rut and your bored with the same old flavors try a new spice or spice combination, instead of carbs and sugar. Wouldn’t you rather have flavor and satisfying complex taste instead of the low quality fats and sugars that we turn to when we lose inspiration in the kitchen.


For a couple of fun combinations try…

Cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper on chicken. (recipe later this week)

Yogurt with rose extract, cinnamon, nutmeg and golden raisins (recipe will posted tomorrow)

Lemongrass with ginger and coriander on veggies ( Safeway sells a nice lemongrass paste.)


Swaps to Live by #1

Fresh over frozen! – and  -Frozen over canned!


Fresh ingredients are far more nutritient rich than their frozen or canned counterparts. And frozen produce is more likely to have been processed in a fresher state than your canned produce. Canned is the last on the list because the nutrients have been given the most time to decay and breakdown. Also it has been soaking for a LONG time – allowing most of what is good in the veggies to seep out into that liquid your going to dump down the drain when you open the can.