Feeling Stressed? Relief is just outside your door

A walk in the mountains can be as effective for moderate depression as medication. And you never know the paradise that is waiting for you till you take the right steps to get there.

I took this little gem off the beaten path in Stanislaus National Forest.


Ice or Heat?

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Keep in mind for those of you with ligament injuries (most importantly those of the sacral spine region) your doctor may recommend never heating to keep the damaged ligaments from relaxing out further leaving your joints less supported.

So please always talk with your doctor!


Ice or heat on an injury, that is the question. It’s a common concern for many people dealing with both short and long term injuries.

Before you can determine if you should use ice or heat, determine if the injury is acute or chronic. An acute injury is defined as specific, sharp pain caused by a traumatic event which causes injury – such as a sprain from a twisted ankle. This would be considered acute injuries where immediate inflammation occurs. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an injury. The injury gets red, hot to the touch, and swollen because the body is sending more blood to heal the injured area. Inflammation also reduces the joints range of motion which help prevent additional trauma.

In cases of acute injury, immediately apply ice. Applying ice reduces the pain in an area by numbing it while also reducing swelling and bleeding in…

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What does a day of eating look like for me? Meal Planning

Example Meal Plan 1

So I got a question about just what exactly it is that I eat on a daily basis. So I thought I would whip up a quick post to use as a reference in case your trying to clean up a sugar addiction etc. and don’t know where to start.

Breakfast: 1 egg (or two egg whites), 1 handful of frozen or left over veggies saute in coconut oil or butter until done (or microwave in a shallow mug for 1-2 min) Adding what ever hot sauces or extras you like with your eggs.

Snack: Carrots and Almond Butter

Lunch: Avacado Chicken Salad (Or for Vegitarian – Hard boiled egg) Wrapped in Flax or gluten free tortilla or eaten over spinach and veggies.

Snack: Apple with lefter over meat slices or dipped in almond butter or plain greek yogurt. Or for a lower sugar option veggies and hummus or Taziki (I’ll be posting a paleo humus recipe soon)

Dinner: Spagetti squash noodle with no sugar added pasta sauce (feel free to brown some meat and onions (or for vegitarians -kidney beans and onions) along with what ever veggies you have on hand to go in the sauce).


Recipes for everything listed above will be released each day following, but many of these are self explanatory so feel free to start incorporating!

If you have any questions or ideas please post me a comment below!


Foods That Fight Inflammation: Tart Cherries

Science Daily. 

Tart Cherries:


Not only are these good for inflammation but in animal studies they helped prevent heart disease and diabetes lowering total cholesterol and blood sugar.

Tart red cherries are packed with antioxidants including a particular type called anthocanins 1 and 2 which have pain relieving properties comparable to some pain medications. So I’m adding these in before and after my morning work out.
They come fresh, dry, powdered and in juice form. I tend to go for dry because eating 20 fresh cherries is quite a task but tossing back a handful of dry cherries is quite manageable.

Always  remember fruits are FULL of sugar so consume in careful moderation. (Powdered capsules are a great option as well)

My favorite way to eat them:
Sprinkled over Greek yogurt with sliced almonds and a drizzle of honey.
Or you if your looking for something to take on the go you can use dry, juiced, powdered or fresh cherries to make a smoothie using Greek yogurt, honey, cherries and chia seeds. (you may have to add some milk to thin it out). Enjoy 🙂


Dairy free? Try them tossed in a salad or sauteed with chicken and sweet potatoes 

Some VERY IMPORTANT Advice on Stretching!

So we all know that stretching is good…but there are tons of studies out there telling us that if you do it at the wrong time your more likely to hurt yourself.

Once and for all to clarify – Stretching in the traditional static sense (as in your sitting in a stretch with relaxed muscles for more than ten seconds) should only be done AFTER exercise. Stretching before exercise can negatively affect your coordination and muscle responsiveness. It basically stretches out a cold muscle too far – telling your body to respond by tightening – making it more likely that you will pull something.

So when is the best time to stretch…experts say at the end of the day or after exercise or else you run the risk of being slower and more prone to injury. Instead before exercise you should do active stretching like leg swings.

Just a tip to keep us all healthy!