Yoga Pose of the Day: Reclined Twist

Reclined Twist to Cleanse, Align and Relax

Whether you just had a weekend warriors three day weekend or you just had a long weekend of sitting driving and stressing followed by a week of more of the same, this pose can really help you loosen up, relax and cleanse the digestive system.



To begin lay flat on your back legs down arms by your sides. Draw your right knee into your chest, open your arms into a T with both shoulders down and then bring the right knee across the body and onto the floor on the left side of the body. From here look over the right shoulder keeping both shoulders against the floor. 

If your knee cannot touch the floor feel free to put a bolster or block under the knee for support so that you can keep your shoulders in contact with the floor.

For more of a stretch extend the right leg as shown below.


If you are still having trouble relaxing into this pose you can instead from the starting position draw both knees into the chest and drop both of them to the left side as show below.



Taking the proper variation for the way your body feel today and using bolsters and blocks where necessary will make this a relaxing and enjoyable pose for most anyone.




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