Ice or Heat?

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Keep in mind for those of you with ligament injuries (most importantly those of the sacral spine region) your doctor may recommend never heating to keep the damaged ligaments from relaxing out further leaving your joints less supported.

So please always talk with your doctor!


Ice or heat on an injury, that is the question. It’s a common concern for many people dealing with both short and long term injuries.

Before you can determine if you should use ice or heat, determine if the injury is acute or chronic. An acute injury is defined as specific, sharp pain caused by a traumatic event which causes injury – such as a sprain from a twisted ankle. This would be considered acute injuries where immediate inflammation occurs. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an injury. The injury gets red, hot to the touch, and swollen because the body is sending more blood to heal the injured area. Inflammation also reduces the joints range of motion which help prevent additional trauma.

In cases of acute injury, immediately apply ice. Applying ice reduces the pain in an area by numbing it while also reducing swelling and bleeding in…

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