Why is Nutrition so Important?

he original intention of eating was to provide our bodies with the nutrients it needed to function at its best. We have been sidetracked by our tastebuds desire for things that in the past were scarce (namely sugar and carbohydrates), and seduced by advertisement into a national diet that is not fitting our bodies nutritional demands.

With the media saturated with fad diets, we have lost sight of the fact that managing our diet means a lot more to our bodies and our minds than loosing weight – though that is a byproduct for many.

Proper nutrition will greatly improve your chances for maintaining proper mental and physical function longer. Eating properly will give you better health and change your body now and far into the future.

I want to encourage you to look at nutrition the way we should, as a way to fuel our bodies to run as close to perfect as they can.

Some benefits of eating well:

Lowered inflammation – and inflammation related pain

More energy – leading to improved focus and productivity

Healthier body fat percentage

Boosted optimal muscle functioning

Improved health and function of all of your organs – including your skin.

Healthier teeth, hair and nails

Improved sleep

Improved ability to deal with stress

Boosted immune system

For those of you who are currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant – building up nutrients in your body now, will positively affect both your health, and that of your baby post pregnancy. During pregnancy the baby will, if there are any to take, pull nutrients needed for development from your body. Meaning they can even deplete calcium from your bones and cholesterol from your brain. With subsequent pregnancies there may be less nutrients for them to access. Eating properly will ensure that they do not have to work so hard to get the nutrients their growing bodies need.

If you want to be happier, in better shape, go to the doctor less and keep optimal mental and body function longer … than it is time for a New Years resolution! It is time to finally give your body the nutrition it deserves. It is time to eat right!

I am not a medical doctor and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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