How to Clean a Yoga Mat

We wash our pillow cases, we wash our sheets and goodness knows we wash our faces…so why don’t we wash our yoga mats (where we get WAY more sweaty)?

So here is a post to help us all out…and you know keep us from getting athletes foot up our noses lol.

Machine Washing

So some mats can be machine washed and even dried (check your manufacturers website)! However, I would recommend using very little soap because any residue will be very slippery. Also I would reserve machine washing for times when your mat is very VERY dirty because it wears out a mat like nothing else. Not to mention if you can’t dry yours in the machine it will take forever (possibly days to dry out on its own but more on that later).

Spraying it Down

For an everyday clean mix 1 part vinegar (the white kind) and three parts water in a spray bottle. Or you can add a few drops of dish soap to a bottle full of water (not too much or your mat will be a skating rink next time you sweat on it). Feel free to scent your cleaner with a few drops of essential oil. I use rosemary because it relaxes me (some people might prefer lavender), tea tree because it is a natural anti-fugal and anti-bacterial (some mats companies specifically say not to use tea tree), and grapefruit seed extract because it is an anti-bacterial. Please test all diluted essential oils on the inside of your wrist to be sure you are not allergic. Put a few drop of each in the bottle, shake and spray!

Use the solution to spray down both sides of your mat after class and wipe dry.

(Extra Tip: I use the same spray in my dance and running shoes and to clean my feet after class)

The Full Wash:

When your mat is really grimy you should probably just break down and give it a good scrubbin’ …to do this put your mat in the shower or tub and wash it down with a few drops of a gentle soap (I use Johnson and Johnson’s shampoo) and a rag or sponge. Rinse the mat REALLY WELL you don’t want it to be slick. To dry it lay your mat on a big towel, roll the mat up with the towel, and lay on it to squish some of the water out. Then hang it up to let it dry until it is COMPLETELY DRY (if you use your mat wet you risk damaging it by stretching it out, plus you’ll roll it up after class and lock even more moisture in that can lead to mildew). Don’t hang it up in direct sunlight or over a heater and make sure you don’t ever fold your mat while its wet you could permanently crease it.

And guys make sure you wash both sides because I don’t know if you noticed but when you roll your mat, the side thats against the floor is rolled against the side that you put your face on.

*If you are doing hot yoga and get super sweaty you might want to try a full sized yoga towel so you don’t have to wash your mat as often.

Please feel free to reblog if you think your followers would benefit 😉 Or post any mat cleaning advice you have in the comments section!


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