Power Snack – Carrot dipped in Almond Butter

Almond Butter and Carrots vs. All That Other Stuff You Might Eat…Accidentally

This is one of my top snacks these days (thanks to a very good friend and his college roomate. Thanks Guys!). It is filling, savory, just a little sweet and the best part is it is great pre and post workout!

A medium sized adult carrot along with 2 tablespoons of pure almond butter (this means ground almonds only) has:

Nutritional Info
205 Calories
5g sugar
7.5g protein
12g carbohydrate

Depending on where you live I just picked up ten pounds of carrots from costco for $5 and a jar of almond butter (also from costco) for $8. Considering how well carrots freeze I should have healthy snacks for weeks to come.

. . .

Compared to your other crunchy and savory treats
Snack bag of potato chips
150-225 calories
Sugar is variable
no protein
15-20g carbs

Peanut Butter Cups
210 calories
21g sugar
5g protein
24g carbohydrate

110 calories
1g protein
19g sugar
30g carbohydrate

This will keep you fuller longer than any of the options above (seriously carrots are filling!) and it will satisfy your crunchy craving, sweet tooth, and fatty food craving all in one without the damage!

To your health!!!


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