Foods That Fight Inflammation: Tart Cherries

Science Daily. 

Tart Cherries:


Not only are these good for inflammation but in animal studies they helped prevent heart disease and diabetes lowering total cholesterol and blood sugar.

Tart red cherries are packed with antioxidants including a particular type called anthocanins 1 and 2 which have pain relieving properties comparable to some pain medications. So I’m adding these in before and after my morning work out.
They come fresh, dry, powdered and in juice form. I tend to go for dry because eating 20 fresh cherries is quite a task but tossing back a handful of dry cherries is quite manageable.

Always  remember fruits are FULL of sugar so consume in careful moderation. (Powdered capsules are a great option as well)

My favorite way to eat them:
Sprinkled over Greek yogurt with sliced almonds and a drizzle of honey.
Or you if your looking for something to take on the go you can use dry, juiced, powdered or fresh cherries to make a smoothie using Greek yogurt, honey, cherries and chia seeds. (you may have to add some milk to thin it out). Enjoy 🙂


Dairy free? Try them tossed in a salad or sauteed with chicken and sweet potatoes 


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