15 Minutes to Redefine Stress

As the title implies, this video takes 15 minutes to tell us everything we know about stress is wrong – and she has some great studies to back her up.

Lets face it, the closer we draw to winter, the higher strung all of the normal people in the world get. For you dancers it is performance season, for students we draw towards finals, and for everyone else we are about to move into the cold dark months that require us to be exceedingly social with members of the family… that we may never care to see again. Sorry Uncle Bob. You know your not my real uncle right? Right!?

There is a reason the end of the fiscal year is in June and not at the end of the calendar year, December – It is because we would all die… presumably of stress, but this talk has some good news for us the next time we are sure we’ll keel over at a the Christmas dinner table.

A quick summary….
Stress wont kill you the way you feel about it will. According to studies the death rate due to high stress is only higher among those that believe stress is bad for their health.

You can retrain your physiological stress response. Stress goes hand-in-hand with hardened arteries because of the way we think about it. Study participants who were trained to thing of stress as helpful and enabling did not experience artery constriction during stress tests.

You need more hugs. Oxytocin everyones favorite love hormone is actually a “stress hormone” that our body releases to encourage us to seek out support


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