Some VERY IMPORTANT Advice on Stretching!

So we all know that stretching is good…but there are tons of studies out there telling us that if you do it at the wrong time your more likely to hurt yourself.

Once and for all to clarify – Stretching in the traditional static sense (as in your sitting in a stretch with relaxed muscles for more than ten seconds) should only be done AFTER exercise. Stretching before exercise can negatively affect your coordination and muscle responsiveness. It basically stretches out a cold muscle too far – telling your body to respond by tightening – making it more likely that you will pull something.

So when is the best time to stretch…experts say at the end of the day or after exercise or else you run the risk of being slower and more prone to injury. Instead before exercise you should do active stretching like leg swings.

Just a tip to keep us all healthy!


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